Memory is not only important for remembering things like to buy milk in your way home when you go back from work, or to call your accountant to tell him that something changed. If you learn a lot of things and your memory don’t help, you waste a lot of time.

Although you can write things down to save memory is a good habit, you can’t write everything down. Nowadays, the information is freely available online so writing it down won’t save you much time because it is going nowhere and you can read it again and again. The most important thing nowadays, related to memory, is to remember where to find the information, or at least to write down the path.

But again, writing down won’t solve all of your problems. Let’s say you learn about some jquery tricks and you write down few links to pages with jquery resources so you can find them easily when you want to use them. You write them down and you forget. When the time comes to build or upgrade a website, it is a minor chance to think how to implement those jquery scripts in the website your are working on because they are not in your active memory. Yes, you can remember that you wrote them down, but you can’t think about it right this moment, the moment when you need it.

So, even if you write a lot of things down you still need a good memory to remember what your wrote down. The key to solve this issue is a better memory management and a better “writing down” system that will help you to organize your information and memory better. This can be achieved only with a lot of practice, and tips ad exercises can be easily found. I recommend you to look into some memory training and management courses, and for this you can read a zox pro review.

I think the fact that brought us into this is that in school the teachers wanted us to memorize a lot of things without thinking at the facts, or, in other words, they wanted quantity, but not quality of what we learn. Today, quantity it’s useless, because all what we’ve memorized in school we can find everywhere at a simple search. We don’t have to memorize everything just the important facts and where we can find the info. This is the key.