I bet that over 90% of wordpress sites are using google analytics for tracking. It gives complete statistics and you can figure out many things just by looking at values there. Some people are saying that analytics are not working well because they don’t track users who have javascript disabled, or they are counting the same person as 2 unique visitors because he deleted his cookies.

Maybe the data is not 100% accurate, but it gives more than enough information for you to deal with it.

When you get the google analytics code they tell you to put it before the </body> code. So if you are a wordpress user, you go to your template footer.php file and write the code down there. This works, but it is not the best option. When you want to change the theme you have to copy and paste the code again, and again.

Changing themes every day is not a good habbit but the reason that wordpress is the best CMS is because the great flexibility, you can change theme by 1 click and if you write different stuff there that you can write elsewhere just lowers the flexibility.

To be able to change the theme but google analytics code to remain intact you should use Ultimate Google analytics plugin . You tell what to do and it will insert the code in your footer.