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Entries for January, 2013

Moving to a New Web Hosting

I have few websites that receive a lot of traffic and consume a lot of resources. Shared hosting is not a solution for me, and should not be a solution for you if you want to ever succed online. Shared web hostings are slow. The speed is affecting your search engine rankinks, your visitor happiness […]

Marketing Your WordPress Skills for Money

Selling your WordPress skills online is a great way to make good money, money that you can save in a bank that offers high interest rates to grow your earnings and accrue interest. However, in order to market your WordPress skills on the web, there are certain things that you need to do. In the following article we […]

Biggest changes of WordPress in 2012

Since 2012 has passed. it is good to make a nice recap of what was improved, added and removed from WordPress last year. Judging from outside the development area, there was not too much visible changes that affected the core WordPress users. However, during the last year, a lot of changes were made to the […]