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Automattic brings WordAds to Self-Hosted WordPress

Today, Automattic announced on their blog that they have released the AdControl plugin. With this plugin, any¬†self-hosted WordPress site can earn income trough wordpress.com ad network: WordAds . WordAds is the Ad Network used on all WordPress.com hosted blogs. Normal users of hosted wordpress can’t opt out WordAds unless they are purchasing VIP or Premium […]

WordPress 4.0 Released: New Editorial Experience

WordPress 4.0 has just launched today, with new post, media and plugin management interface improvements. Why I am really excited about this is that a lot of people I know complained about the WordPress post editor because it was not real wysiwyg or because it is hard to embed videos or other media. For someone […]

Critical bug discovered in WordPress, update to 3.0.4 required

While we are waiting for the final release of WordPress 3.1, which will bring some signifiant improvements to the wordpress admin panel especially, we have to face some other problems produced after the release of WordPress 3.0. A critical bug was discovered in the HTML parser library.

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate is out

The WordPress development team announced that WordPress version 3.1 first release candidate is out. Among the features changed/added/upgraded are:  internal linking, post formats, ajaxified admin, user admin and many others. It seems that this upgrade bring more features than the move to 3.0 .

WordPress 3.1 to come with easy internal linking module

Few days ago the WordPress 3.1 beta was announced. Among the many features that comes with the new version, mainly improvements of current features that were considered poor, such as: themes search, visual editor, user admin, etc. The feature that sound most interesting is Internal linking feature.