While we are waiting for the final release of WordPress 3.1, which will bring some signifiant improvements to the wordpress admin panel especially, we have to face some other problems produced after the release of WordPress 3.0.

A critical bug was discovered in the HTML parser library.

The bug is categorized as critical and can allow others to introduce unwanted code into your website. The update is very small, but critical. There will be only few files that will be changed into the wordpress installation. More info about the bug log can be found here.

The update is already available for automatic install on your wordpress admin panel, and you should do it as soon as you read this message.

I hope we will not get back to the times when wordpress had so many problems that made it practically impossible to have a very secure version of wordpress installed.

This reminds me for a habit I used when dealing with upgrades to any kind of software. Whenever a substantial update is made, there is a very high chance that some security issues will appear, so I don’t immediately upgrade to the latest version. I wait for few more security updates to appear and to fix the problems appeared in the major update.