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Why Updating WordPress is so Important

Several years ago wordpress was considered very insecure. It is an open source software, anyone can see the source code. This means that hackers can freely analyze the code for exploits. WordPress developers are working hard to keep it secure, but once in a while there are holes that no one tought of until some […]

WordPress becomes more secure with the latest update

WordPress 3.0.5 was released this week. I know you are hardly wait for the new and improved 3.1 release but it will not come so soon. The release candidate 4 of WordPress 3.1 was also announced this week. Further testing and feedback is required to it can hit an official release. In the wordpress 3.0.5 […]

Critical bug discovered in WordPress, update to 3.0.4 required

While we are waiting for the final release of WordPress 3.1, which will bring some signifiant improvements to the wordpress admin panel especially, we have to face some other problems produced after the release of WordPress 3.0. A critical bug was discovered in the HTML parser library.

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate is out

The WordPress development team announced that WordPress version 3.1 first release candidate is out. Among the features changed/added/upgraded are:  internal linking, post formats, ajaxified admin, user admin and many others. It seems that this upgrade bring more features than the move to 3.0 .