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Entries for March, 2013

The best way to paste code into a wordpress post

If you maintain a blog about web development or programming, or another type of blog where you have to show some code to your readers, you already faced problems trying to paste code into wordpress text editor. If the piece of code is not deleted by the editor filters, it will be screwed up by […]

How to add Google Maps to your website

Google maps provide a very good API so you can show google maps on your website. Most webmasters are using google maps to help customers find the location of their business ( usually on contact pages ). Others are building full applications based on google maps. It is very easy to implement google maps on […]

Plugins I use for every newly created website

Whenever I make a new website, I don’t like to stuff it with all the plugins that I think that the website will someday use, or with all the plugins that I use on another websites. I like to start clean and to install only what is needed. As you may know, every plugin you […]

How to sell online even if you are not USA based

Even when buying digital goods that require no shipping and no real contact with the buyer, people will still try to find more details about a company to be sure that it is not a scam. Some of the information they would like to know are the company contact options, mailing address, etc. If you […]

The worst moment for an affiliate marketer

As an affiliate marketer, you face many problems because you are not in control of what you sell. You can’t control the way the products is sold and handled. Merchants usually promote the products trough different channels and you will lose commissions because the buyer was also referred by another affiliate or trough another campaign. […]

How to get more value from your RSS feed

Some people are opening every website they like to read the latest articles, but most readers will want to receive all posts from blogs they like directly inside their favorite RSS feed reader. When someone reads your content from a Feed reader ( such as Google Reader ), he will see only your content and […]

How to make money by selling links and reviews on your blog

I know that link selling was blamed by Google in the past. I also consider it bad to buy links to manipulate search engine ranking positions. The main goal of a link placed on one website that leads to another is a classic form of advertising. Is advertising bad ? Not at all, even google […]

Is template version compatibility is important in wordpress ?

Every wordpress template or plugin author writes in the header of the theme or the plugin, the version which the template or plugin was tested. While this will ensure you that the theme will work for your wordpress version, wordpress theme developers won’t get back to re-test the template and rewrite the readme.txt file. How […]

How to protect your contact forms from spam bots

Lately, I got a lot of spam emails into my inbox, coming from the contact forms on my website. At first,  I ignored all of it, because it was 1 every week. But suddenly, I started to get dozens of spam messages every day. The good part is that I am the only one who […]

How to attract more people to subscribe to your list

Even if you are selling a product, promoting affiliate offers or just blogging about topics that you like, it is important to build a list of subscribers. Since they subscribe at their own consent, there is a high chance that they will read the emails that you send with special offers, news, etc. It is […]