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Entries for March, 2012

Codelobster PHP Editor to Build Great Web Applications

As all web developers know, you can create a page by creating a new file on your desktop, write some code using notepad and then open it in a browser. To add some programming to that page you need PHP and a server to run it ( wamp ), but you can still edit the […]

Is WordPress Turning more into a Framework lately ?

WordPress has been always known to be a blogging platform. In past few years, wordpress was known to be a great content management system, or in other words, a platform for websites. But today, I can say that WordPress is turning into a great framework.  To better understand what I am trying to prove here, […]

Directory Maximizer Manual Directory Submission Service to boost your SEO

Today, directory submission is considered a bad thing, a black hat SEO technique. While I can agree that there are millions of web directories that provide no value to your website, there are still good web directories. Which are they ? Well, most of them are the ones where the moderators take care of the […]

Web Headline Techniques For All Online Writers

It is no secret that many online readers will quickly scan a page, read from left to right, then scroll down the page in a sort of F-shaped pattern, before deciding whether or not they’ll stay on the web page. In fact, that is likely how you began reading this post. It is for this […]

How to get more traffic from search engines

Search engines are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Naturally they will craw your website and will send some visitors, but it is not enough for your business. You miss a lot of visitors, conversions and money if you don’t optimize your website for search engines. To drive more traffic from Google […]

Best WordPress Theme for Q&A Websites

I bet that you visited at least once Yahoo Answers, or at least landed there after you searched on Google to find the answer to a question. You will be surprised to see how many people put questions directly into Google search box. It is very effective for simple answers, because you most likely will […]

Which is the Most Important Thing in Blogging

This discussion can generate a long debate. Some people will say that the most important is quality content, other people will say it is traffic. Most people will think that you need  to be consistent in all areas to succeed. The last statement is probably the closest to truth, but if you need to single […]

How to check Pagerank of Internal Pages in WordPress

Pagerank is a page popularity indicator from Google. It is so well know because many people think that there is a strong relationship between Pagerank and the position of a site in search engines. There is a relationship, but it not that simple. When people who are just starting to learn about search engine optimization […]

Learn WordPress with no Programming Knowledge: Videocourse

WordPress is used for almost all blogs over the Internet, and lately on more and more websites. The best thing about wordpress is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to start your own blog or website. With the help of the community, you have what you need to make your blog to represent you. […]

Best Fashion WordPress Theme

If you want to make a website related to fashion, style and celebrities, or if you already have one and you are looking for a face lifting, you need a good template that is simple and elegant in the same time. It is not an easy search, but I’ve searched enough and I found Fashion […]