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Entries for October, 2010

Platform vs Framework

In my programming experience I’ve worked on many platforms and i’ve used many frameworks. The difference between a framework and a platform is described by the verbe i used in the first sentence. You work on a platform. You use a framework. This is the conceptual difference. The Framework gives you a set of tools […]

Split Testing you’ll actually use

Here is a false statement: “If i like it, others will like it too”. I see everyday website build by adventurous designers with advanced graphics that make you say: “wow”, but next second you exit that website ? Why? Because the usability is almost zero, you have nothing to do on that website. I also […]

Is the Time working for you or against you ?

When you are busy, time seems to go faster. When you are getting bored time goes slowly. It happened to me many times when time went like a flash but when looking back there were a lot of things accomplished. And i was happy because i liked what i’ve done.

How to learn wordpress ? Why not reading a book ?

Which is the faster way to learn WordPress ? Reading blogs, reading a forum ? Reading a book maybe ? Which is the best way then ? Learning something don’t have a standart set of rules. You can learn something in various ways.  The way you choose may include several learning methods: blogs, forums, books, […]

How to add an image easily in every post

An image worth one thousand words. I like to add a descriptive image to every post i write. In this way i help my user to understand better what the post is about. While a good image is one that you create yourself to describe perfectly what the post is about, in most cases you […]

Top 7 Places to Search for Free WordPress Themes

First thing that you do after you install WordPress is to search for a suitable and good looking template to use on your website. Most of the time people look to get them from the WordPress theme directory. Although you can find great themes into official directory, you will have a hard time  to search. […]

The best free wordpress theme i’ve found so far

Searching for a good wordpress theme is not hard, but it is a very important step when you want to start a blog or website with wordpress. The problem is that there are so many themes that it is very hard to decide. There are so many that you are never convinced that the theme […]