Welcome to Flame Scorpion. This website is not about scorpions, it is about websites, CMS software and Internet.

I’m Lucian Apostol and i’m a web developer and Internet Marketer. I graduated Automation Faculty in 2009. During college i worked as a freelancer developing scripts and websites for my customers, and i’ve build some websites and learned some search engine optimization to drive traffic from search engines.

Most of my tasks during my freelancing experience were related to wordpress platform: making wordpress templates from normal site templates, installing and customizing wordpress, moving websites to wordpress. I was impressed by wordpress and i started to move my website to this platform.

While wordpress provide very quick setup and taking advantages of quick installing themes and plugins, the customization limit is at maximum. Practically everything can be done with wordpress but with all plugins made by others now you can have all of them at full speed. I will share with you my experience and i will learn you how to love wordpress.

If you want to ask me something or just to give me a shout you can use Facebook, Twitter, at the e-mail address lucian [at] flamescorpion [dot] com, or just by using the form below.

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