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Entries for February, 2013

What to do when affiliate links stop working

Promoting products where you earn a comission when someone buy the product is a great business. It is called affiliate marketing and there are a lot of people that generate full time income trough this ( count myself too ). In theory, it is very simple: pop up some posts promoting products, add sidebar links […]

Why the General Perception is that WordPress is not that good

Very often I find this question on forums: “Which is the best content management system ?”. Despite the WordPress popularity, first answers seem to feature Joomla as the best content management system. The posters usually have good arguments, despite they probably never used wordpress for comparision. If they use WordPress once, they will use it […]

Earn More Money from Affiliate Marketing

I first published a website online in 2006. Since then, I am looking for ways to promote my website and ways to monetize it. During this journey I have build several established websites and I have tested many methods to generate revenue from the traffic I was receiving. At the begining, contextual ads seemed to […]

An overlooked web hosting aspect that could affect your traffic, sales and google rankings

When it comes to web hosting most webmasters are looking at the space that is give, the monthly bandwidth, number of mail accounts, etc. This is why hosting companies adapted and they are given unlimited everything for shared accounts too. Well, this doesn’t mean that your site can consume all server resources. When you reach […]