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How to find out if your site is impacted by Google algorithm updates

The worst nightmare for any internet marketer who relies on traffic from Google is a sudden drop in rankings. Dropping in rankings can happen suddenly when Google makes significant changes to their algorithm. These changes are made to prevent SPAM sites and search engine position engineering. No one knows the formula behind google search engine […]

Social Media Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings

If you’re still trying to rank your website by focusing on keyword density, backlink anchors and low-quality links, you’re in for a disappointment. Those techniques may have worked in the past, but search engines are changing rapidly. Today, it takes a lot more than “old-school” off-site SEO to rank well. With the widespread usage of […]

Why your website is not accepted in DMOZ

DMOZ is probably the directory that drives the most value to websites. A site listed will get quality visitors every day and good value for search engines. People want desperately to be on dmoz and they will do anything, but surprisingly, they don’t do simple things that will count on their mission. I don’t understand […]

First 10 Things to do immediately after you install WordPress

WordPress comes as a plug-and-play option for blogs and websites. While for normal websites you have to arrange your content, add pages and other stuff, on a blog you can just start blogging about whatever subject you want. Let’s assume that you already have a theme and you installed it, what you do now. 

Directory Maximizer Manual Directory Submission Service to boost your SEO

Today, directory submission is considered a bad thing, a black hat SEO technique. While I can agree that there are millions of web directories that provide no value to your website, there are still good web directories. Which are they ? Well, most of them are the ones where the moderators take care of the […]

How to get more traffic from search engines

Search engines are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Naturally they will craw your website and will send some visitors, but it is not enough for your business. You miss a lot of visitors, conversions and money if you don’t optimize your website for search engines. To drive more traffic from Google […]

How to check Pagerank of Internal Pages in WordPress

Pagerank is a page popularity indicator from Google. It is so well know because many people think that there is a strong relationship between Pagerank and the position of a site in search engines. There is a relationship, but it not that simple. When people who are just starting to learn about search engine optimization […]

The Best SEO Technique that You can do for Your Blog: Internal Linking

Search Engine Optimization will bring visitors to your website for long time. Quality content matters, but when your blog is new google won’t send too many visitors to your website. Then you start promoting, placing your homepage url to all your web profiles, your statuses, you tell to the world that you write quality content. […]

UK Web Directory List – Finding the right directory

One thing every webmaster from green inexperienced webmaster to seasoned webmaster agree on is the fact that quality backlinks translates to good search engine ranking. The agreement between this two sets of webmaster continues when it come to the use of web directory as a source of quality back links, where they disagree or should […]

UK web directory by Wura

In most aspects of life, age does not seem to work in your favour for example, as you get older, you health insurance premium gets higher. But in some other aspects, for example with wine, the more a wine age, the better it is considered to be. The wine example seem to be the order […]