Search engines are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Naturally they will craw your website and will send some visitors, but it is not enough for your business. You miss a lot of visitors, conversions and money if you don’t optimize your website for search engines.

To drive more traffic from Google to your website you need know a lot of things about how it works. You need several years of experience to figure out how it is working on your own. But, you don’t have to waste so much time when you can learn trough a video course everything you need to know. 

I recommend you to take “Search Engine Optimization Made Easy” course on Udemy.  Udemy is an online university with a lot of nice courses. This course consist in 17 lessons and over 3 hours of videos explaining you how to get more traffic to your website from search engines.

Among the things you will learn are:

  • How to choose the right keywords so you can quickly rank first for high traffic searches
  • How Google thinks. Google result algorithm explained.
  • How to choose a great domain name that will boost your rankings
  • How to optimize your pages to get the most traffic
  • How to get links to improve your site authority and reputation

What you choose ? To waste 5 years trying to figure out how things works on your own or to take a 3 hour course  ? Click here to take the course.