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Entries for May, 2011

Why Key Phrase Selection is Important in SEO?

Companies that are trying to maximize their website’s potential can avail of the services of a professional or purchase some software that will help search engine optimization for their website. Websites that are in the planning phase or their conceptualization and development period have to consider search engine optimization or SEO in these early stages. […]

It is worth to do your own SEO ?

Nowadays everyone seems to know Search Engine Optimisation. You hear from friends that are just getting in online business and they are sure that they can get a lot of traffic trough search engine optimisation. It is like something they own and there is no doubt. Meanwhile, they never heard anything of link building. How […]

Is Google Adsense getting any better ?

If this is your first time when you hear about how to display ads on your website to generate some revenue you should sign-up for AdSense and try it out before further reading. If you already using Google AdSense on your website you are probably searching to find out how to earn more money. The […]

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

For better or worse, as a society we’ve become less patient as we become more technologically advanced. There was a time when the only way to get online was with a 14.4 kbs modem. You would hear that funny, staticky beepy noise and wait as your dial-up connection was established with an ISP. Then, you […]

How to show posts from a specific category anywhere on your website

Often and often I’m asked by my clients for better ways to organize the information on their blogs. The classic listing of recent posts and some widgets in the sidebar just don’t make it. Readers want better organized information. The best way to provide it is to arrange posts in categories in a smart way, […]

LG Promotes New Optimus 2X

Have you ever heard that you got fined because you were walking slow? Well, that sounds ridiculous and intriguing as well and LG has tried this new marketing way to promote the launch of their all new LG Optimus 2X. LG has definitely tried the best marketing strategy that can catch the attention of the […]