Nowadays everyone seems to know Search Engine Optimisation. You hear from friends that are just getting in online business and they are sure that they can get a lot of traffic trough search engine optimisation. It is like something they own and there is no doubt. Meanwhile, they never heard anything of link building.

How can you think that you can rank among first when there are so many websites with same content that want their share of traffic from google ? They all heard about SEO. I believed the same at the beginning. I thought that making a website and selecting the title like my main keywords should do it. I was completely wrong, I even assumed that my keyword receive a lot of traffic while it generated only few clicks a day.

It took me significant time and effort to get on the first page. Many links achieved in several months made my site able to rank better for some keywords with decent amount of traffic. Are several months of work worth it when you can get some good seo services for a decent price ?

What will your website be making a month ? 1000$ ? 2000$?10000$ ? It is worth to spend all your time to rank higher or to request a seo company to do it for you while you can deal with more important aspects of  your business like adding more value so more people to link naturally ?

Unless you are just starting your first website and you have literally no money, then there is no reason not to book seo and social media marketing services at decent prices. Think about your business future when considering what to do. How much ranking top for a high traffic keyword worth to you ? Is that enough to pay someone to do the work in your place  ?