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Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

If you read some of my older posts you can clearly see that I encourage freelancing and an independent lifestyle. I didn’t changed my mind. I still believe that freelancing is better than having a full time jobs, but as any other thing on the earth, it has downsides too. I think it is fair […]

Where to find good WordPress coders

Finding good programmers is not easy. There is a myth that says that you can outsource everything to poor countries and you get a lot of work done for nothing. This may work pretty well for robotic activities like data entry or something like this, but why do you think there are so many companies […]

Top 7 Freelancing Websites for WordPress Developers

If you are a wordpress developer or designer you should be fine with money in the following years. The number of websites running wordpress are increasing drastically and webmasters can’t ignore the benefit of managing the content themselves. Meanwhile, to make changes to the way website looks is not so easy that anyone can do, […]

Freelancing: Whatever you do for a living, you can do it at home

The days of commuting and office jobs are numbered. The sheer cost of offices is killing profits and murdering bottom lines around the world. Worse, it’s costing employees money, too. The truly modern place of business is now streamlined, core functions, with most of its workforce actually outside the office. Freelancers in web design, writers, […]