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Entries for February, 2011

When You Should Consider the Move to a Dedicated Server

Sooner or later your online business will grow and hosting your website on the same server with another 200 websites will not make it for you. It is a known fact that people tend to leave sooner pages that are loading very slowly. If you have a simple website, for example a product page or […]

5 Tips to Make Your Blog More Personable

One of the most difficult things to do on the Web is to convince others that you are a living breathing human being. When you’re staring at a site on a computer screen, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the site, writing the content and interacting with readers. This is especially […]

Website Promotional Tools

There are numerous search engine optimization programs and services being offered in the online market today but what is considered to be the best ones out there? Deciding which one is very much debatable and can actually be based on one’s personal preference but there are a number of people that dabble in web design […]

The Best Real Estate WordPress Theme

I am aware that the real estate segment is down right now, but this don’t mean that there is not space left for real estate websites. People were used to spend a lot of money to get the right house they didn’t cared if they spent tens of thousands of dollars only for agencies to […]

Tips for Getting Your First Website Online

In the earlier stages of the internet the look of a website was the one of the most or if not the most important factors that a company or individual prioritized during the planning and construction of a site. Since a lot has changed through the years this type of strategy is no longer as […]

Five Things to Consider Before You Start Marketing Your Website

Before you start marketing your website there are a few things that you must consider first. Only a madman will go out there and start spending money on pay per click advertising and writing articles to get back links and so on without having a clear and defined path to take. For example you need […]

WordPress 3.1 is finally released

After a long period of waiting, testing, adding and cutting features, many release candidates, the WordPress 3.1 version, codename Reinhardt was officially released. The name comes from the jazz singer Django Reinhardt. With the new release, wordpress developers promise that WordPress is now more of a CMS than ever before.

YouTuber? Find an App for Any Activity

Because people have gone so crazy for YouTube these days, everyone is trying to get the most of her or his viral experience. Whether it is to download these videos onto the computer or to try and pull a live song onto their MP3 player, there are no shortage of practical uses for the YouTube […]

3 Reasons why I choose WordPress

A lot of people are asking me what content management system I recommend and I always say WordPress. It is my choose and I will stick with it, but there are some people that ask me why I choose WordPress. It is not a simple question because there are a lot of advantages that makes […]

Technology for marketing and advertising

TFM&A is essential for the marketers and advertisers every year. It is an event that is taking place since 10 years. This mega event is supposed to be the most important in UK for businesses to introduce, show and explain their ambition and work structure. Every year in this event new technology for marketing and advertising are explained […]