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How to use WordPress in SEO for a Good Traffic Flow

For the guys who are well verse with WordPress also need to be well aware of the Search Engine Optimization. Both the SEO and the WordPress are big things and can easily bring you the bigger results once you get them going well together. It is something surprising that the people who know how to […]

5 Tips to Make Your Blog More Personable

One of the most difficult things to do on the Web is to convince others that you are a living breathing human being. When you’re staring at a site on a computer screen, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the site, writing the content and interacting with readers. This is especially […]

Encouraging the Youth to do Business Blogging

Nowadays, it’s not surprising for adults to have their own blog sites. Even my 75-year-old mom has her own blog about homemade rugs. The thing here is that many teens and young adults are neglecting a blog’s ability to generate income. Many bloggers within the age range of 18-25 talk about less important topics. I […]

Keys to Effective Blog Content – Relevant, Entertaining, and Informative

What you’ve heard is true. Content is king. If you have a blog, your number one priority should be content that is effective. But what does that really mean? Effective content has one or more of the following properties: relevancy, entertainment potential, or ability to inform. All content must have some sort of value to […]

How to be a Career Blogger

Are you a good writer? Do you write articles for money? Here’s a great way to be your own boss and earn a better income than what you get by writing for others. Yes being a blogger has numerous benefits and can elevate your image and income the way you have never imagined before. Writing skills is the […]

Add value to your Blog with a top profesional wordpress theme

Last days i was searching for a theme for an informational website that i want to build. I’m looking to build something more like a news website: a lot of information about a specific topic where visitors can read only what they want. First i searched for themes related to the website topic but i […]

Publish posts immediately or schedule

Some bloggers prefer to postpone the date when an article is published while others want to publish immediately. There are advantages and disadvantages for postponing posts. You have to think both for website readers and rss readers too. For rss readers is not a big change, anyway they read articles at a later date, but […]

How many words your articles have

We are very fortunate that wordpress tell us as how long is the article ( in words ) as we type. Sometimes this can change our mood. After you worked hard to write the article, you look at the word counter and see 200 words it can be frustrating. On the other side, if you […]