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Last days i was searching for a theme for an informational website that i want to build. I’m looking to build something more like a news website: a lot of information about a specific topic where visitors can read only what they want.

First i searched for themes related to the website topic but i was unable to find one to fit my requirements so i searched wider. Then i found what i can call the perfect wordpress theme for news or informational website.

What you need for an informational website ? A way to show your articles and news in a way that your visitors can look over the headlines of most of them and decide what he reads.

The theme i found that fits perfect for a news website is Newsley Theme from WPZOOM.

What are the advantages of this theme:

  • An image slider on the homepage where you can show featured articles and a short description
  • Area where to show other featured news with a larger description ( optional )
  • Block where to display recent news or articles on 2 columns with very short description
  • 4 columns in bottom where you can show latest news from specified categories
  • Dynamic widget to show recent news, popular news, comments and tags.
  • Social widget with RSS,twitter,facebook and flickr
  • Flickr widget
  • Dropdown category selector

In my opinion this is the perfect theme for a blog or news website. It is light and very clean so you can customize it in any way you want. So don’t wait anymore and get Newsley Theme now.