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The Best Magazine WordPress Theme

Blogs are replacing newspapers and magazines. Now it is very easy to write an article and distribute it to the world on a personal blog. You need a hosting, a domain and WordPress. If you want to write news or informative articles to your blog you should use a Magazine theme. The look and feel […]

Top 10 WordPress Themes

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. The days when it was used only for blogs is past. Because a website needs more features than a simple blog you need to do some work to your wordpress installation to make it what you want. Fortunately, there are a lot of themes that can […]

Add value to your Blog with a top profesional wordpress theme

Last days i was searching for a theme for an informational website that i want to build. I’m looking to build something more like a news website: a lot of information about a specific topic where visitors can read only what they want. First i searched for themes related to the website topic but i […]

First thoughts on WordPress 3.0

Few days ago the WordPress team released the WordPress 3.0 beta for us to test. I’ve waited for a long time for an opportunity to give it a real test. I will share my thoughts with you as i install and go trough it’s main features. The installation looks the same, but something i can […]