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Entries for January, 2011

How to Boost Your SEO Ranking Through Twitter

If your business doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, you don’t exist. That may not be entirely true. Of course, you still have a business, office, employees, clients, customers, and more. But it will be significantly harder for you to expand your business if people can’t find you easily on the […]

The Best Tools to Analyze your SEO Ranks and Competition

People are frequenting asking me what tool I use to check my rankings, competing sites rankings or websites where I might be interested to put my link to. What I dislike is when they cme to me and ask: “Do you use the XYZ seo spyware/spy glass/ competition finder/other fancy and long name tool to […]

Five Things Your Website Needs If You Want An Online Presence

Ten years ago small businesses were constantly being told they had to get a website. Let’s be honest they were right, depending on who’s stats you read, over a billion and a half people use the internet everyday so having that web presence is essential. So you’ve got your website and you’re watching your conversions […]

Top eCommerce Trends for 2011

Whether you own an online business or want to start one in the upcoming year, you definitely will want to keep an eye on some of the top eCommerce trends for 2011. With their success in 2010, consumers are expecting to see more of the following things. 1. Price Loyalty If you want to gain […]

The Top 5 Facebook Apps

Facebook has officially taken over the world, hide your kids, hide your wife. It seems like yesterday when the only people who had Facebook were college freshman and sophomores who were trying to find out if the girl they saw in lecture is single. Fast forward to 2011, Facebook has became a one stop shop […]

Is Facebook Marketing Important ?

I find myself spending a considerable amount of time browsing various social networks, and for good reason, that is what I do for a living. I am a member of various groups on Linkedin, Twitter as well as Facebook on the topic of Social Media Marketing, and one thing I often see pop up in […]

The future of Online Education

In my opinion online education have a bright future ahead. Its advantages over traditional education are obvious: time and place are not important, and this is a big deal. Students can worry less about being on time at class, or being in a certain place for school and he can focus on the main goal: […]

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate 3 available

A new release candidate for the long waited WordPress 3.1 has been released. Let’s hope it is the last one before the final release. WordPress 3.1 should have big improvements over 3.0, including: internal link building, post formats, theme search, etc, but unfortunately, one of the coolest features, ajaxified admin was excluded because of high […]

Encouraging the Youth to do Business Blogging

Nowadays, it’s not surprising for adults to have their own blog sites. Even my 75-year-old mom has her own blog about homemade rugs. The thing here is that many teens and young adults are neglecting a blog’s ability to generate income. Many bloggers within the age range of 18-25 talk about less important topics. I […]

How to register a shortcode in WordPress

In WordPress you can’t add php code into posts by default. Sure, you can use Exec-PHP plugin that will let you do that but it is not the best option. A community accepted way to add some advanced code, or show something depending on the status of the user viewing the post can be achieved […]