A new release candidate for the long waited WordPress 3.1 has been released. Let’s hope it is the last one before the final release.

WordPress 3.1 should have big improvements over 3.0, including: internal link building, post formats, theme search, etc, but unfortunately, one of the coolest features, ajaxified admin was excluded because of high number of bugs reported and it will be probably added to a future version.

The goal was to make the wordpress admin panel full ajax, so plugin developers coult take advantage of it.

Because of this big change in the code, a longer testing period is added and probably we will see another release candidate coming before the final big release.

I have some websites that I have to start working at but I waited to work directly on the new version which seemed better. I already started implementing on the release candidate and it is very sad for me that I have to wait a lot more and start over, but probably I will take others advice and go with the 3.0.4 fully secured version.