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Entries for September, 2010

Don’t miss World’s Largest Social Media Conference

If you want to be successful online just reading blogs and posting good content is not enough. You need a place where you learn directly from other successful people and where to build friendships with other players in your field. Blogword is organizing on 14-16 October the World’s Largest Social Media Conference.

Want to learn wordpress ? Watch a video course

Looking for a way to learn wordpress fast ? Here you go. Learning with videos is easy as you can see exactly how to do things. Few months ago i created a comprehensive video course about wordpress. It contains everything you want to know from creating the database on your webhosting to theme editing.

Happy Birthday Google

Today is Goggles 12th birthday. Few more years and Google will be allowed to get his driving licence. I like Google, i currently use most of their services. I use gmail, calendar, docs, analytics, adsense, and others. There are some great services provided by google. It is true that not all Google services are such […]

How to choose a great domain name

I know this was discussed again and again, but although the choosing of a domain name should take you very few time it is very important. You will have to spell your domain name thousand of times, you will have to write your domain name million of times. Your visitors will hear, read or type […]

Do i really need to create a mailing list for my website ?

How can a mailing list help your business or website ? How hard is to build mailing list ? How much i will earn from a mailing list ? Let’s try to answer to these question. First of all you must think that your visitors are not robots, they are humans. They need a reason […]

Blogger or WordPress

I know this has been discussed over and over last few years on the Internet, but with the increased number of internet users i keep getting the same question again and again. What i want to point out is when someone ask what is better: blogger or wordpress, he refers to the remotely hosted version […]

How to turn your WordPress Website into a Social Network

I like WordPress and i like the way i can do things in WordPress. This is the reason i always look for ways to do greater things with WordPress. Few weeks ago i proved that you can make a full featured Social Bookmarking Website with wordpress. Today i will show you how you can build […]