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I know this has been discussed over and over last few years on the Internet, but with the increased number of internet users i keep getting the same question again and again.

What i want to point out is when someone ask what is better: blogger or wordpress, he refers to the remotely hosted version of wordpress ( found at ), and they are unaware about the possibility to have a self hosted blog.

Why so many people chose the remotely hosted blog ? You don’t need a domai and you don’t need a hosting. You can publish your first article right away.

If you want to know my opinion about which is better i will tell you: definitely self hosted wordpress blog. Unless you are at your first blog. If this is the case it is a high chance that you never brought a domain so far and things can get messy. There are too many uncertain and unknown things to you and you may end up giving up.

You have to start with a remotely hosted option to familiarize with blogging and what you have to write, what is the structure of a blog post, what are categories, tags, etc. When you are over these steps you can think at a self hosted version.

So, it is your first blog ever, which is better ? Blogger is very simple, easy to use, but the customization level will make you to miss a lot of things. is a bit complicated and you need more internet skills to deal with problems, but if you pass the tests you will not regret your decision.