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Entries for December, 2010

Critical bug discovered in WordPress, update to 3.0.4 required

While we are waiting for the final release of WordPress 3.1, which will bring some signifiant improvements to the wordpress admin panel especially, we have to face some other problems produced after the release of WordPress 3.0. A critical bug was discovered in the HTML parser library.

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate is out

The WordPress development team announced that WordPress version 3.1 first release candidate is out. Among the features changed/added/upgraded are:  internal linking, post formats, ajaxified admin, user admin and many others. It seems that this upgrade bring more features than the move to 3.0 .

The First Essential Step for Every Website to Succeed

Before you start creating a website you need a visual identity. If you build a website for an existing business it is very simple: you request a logo from the client and make the design based on it. If you start a website on it’s own, you need to create the logo first. The logo […]

Freelancing: Whatever you do for a living, you can do it at home

The days of commuting and office jobs are numbered. The sheer cost of offices is killing profits and murdering bottom lines around the world. Worse, it’s costing employees money, too. The truly modern place of business is now streamlined, core functions, with most of its workforce actually outside the office. Freelancers in web design, writers, […]

10 Open Source Programs for Web Designers

At the nucleus of the ever-admired open source communities lies an elite circle of genius web developers and computer coders. It’s no surprise, then, that the open source community should devote so much time to projects that help people in related fields. As a web designer, taking advantage of these open source projects can both […]

Christmas WordPress Theme

The Christmas is almost here. The final preparations are made. While I’m not involved in preparing the Christmas meal, I wanted to share something cool with my readers. Here it is a very nice Christmas WordPress Theme.

WordPress 3.1 to come with easy internal linking module

Few days ago the WordPress 3.1 beta was announced. Among the many features that comes with the new version, mainly improvements of current features that were considered poor, such as: themes search, visual editor, user admin, etc. The feature that sound most interesting is Internal linking feature.

Need help setting up wordpress ?

The installation and set-up of WordPress as a blog is very easy, you practically need a domain, a hosting account and to download some files from the wordpress website, upload them to your website, set up databases, and then run the web installer. Things may look very simple for someone who knows what is FTP, […]

How to Network for Business at Events

Doing business has passed the stage of sitting in your office and giving a little time and energy to advertising. The time has come when there is need for cut-throat business and you need to show case you business in best possible way. The modern businessman is savvy and wants to do everything subtly; nothing is done in […]

Using WordPress for Place Holding Sites

WordPress is one of the easiest tools you can use to begin a web site. That is why you should use it to build some of the easiest web sites to get to rank in the google search engines. The idea behind placeholder sites, or what I like to call “weeder sites” is to create […]