The installation and set-up of WordPress as a blog is very easy, you practically need a domain, a hosting account and to download some files from the wordpress website, upload them to your website, set up databases, and then run the web installer.

Things may look very simple for someone who knows what is FTP, MySQL, cPanel and some other stuff, but if you are just starting to figure out how the web goes than these things may look complicated.

But don’t worry, your webmaster journey will not stop here. People are asking me help every day with different things about wordpress, some go directly and ask me how to install while others get stuck into the installation process and i realize that they missed some important steps in the process of learning how things are going on the Web.

Few days ago, someone asked me that he can’t figure out how to install wordpress while he worked on joomla for several years. He told me this way: “Joomla is so easy and friends told me that wordpress is easier but that’s not true, i cann’t figure out how things are going”. Well, the cause is that while he used Joomla, he learned to do the things mechanically but he never tried to look behind what tutorials say, never thought why everything happens in joomla or on his website.

The problem is that there are so many people that need help and ask for it about wordpress, despite it is so simple ( in my point of view ). The truth is that you still need some things and you need some experience. For example, you need to know how to use a FTP client, how to create a new database, and some other stuff.

While they come to me, I try to answer to their questions but most times I fail to fix their issues. Why ? Because I try to explain them things that they cannot understand. The solution I apply most of the times is to request them the hosting account details and do the work for them, well, it is not the best solution but most of them may end up hating wordpress. So I install for them and hope that they will figure out the things in time.

Recently I stumbled on a website that offers free blog setup help for anyone. I appreciate the help that anyone can give to new wordpress users. I also offer help, but only to ones they are asking, but this website offers help for anyone, they are waiting for people to come. Thank you for helping wordpress users.