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Entries for May, 2012

How to create a custom wordpress theme with no coding knowledge

Using a wordpress theme you find on the internet for free is a great time and money saver technique. However, if you don’t want your website or blog to look exactly like another hundred of blogs are looking, you might want to customize it, to make it feel unique. If you know html, php, css […]

Quality and Creative themes from ThemeFuse

WordPress is very popular today and if you ask around everyone will say that you can install wordpress in 2 minutes, you can find thousands of themes available for free. It is true, but you can’t expect to find thousands of quality themes. If you really want to stand out with your blog or website, […]

Build a pinterest like website with a Pinterest WordPress Template

Pinterest is the latest arrived in the social media competition. There are many social media sites ¬†facebook, twitter, google plus, digg, reddit, etc, already in the field and many will say that there is no room for another one. I believe that there is always room when there is innovation. Pinterest is a pinboard style […]

How to fake the Facebook widget from your website

This is not something I recommend to do. You should be honest with your fans and readers, because they will finally find out, but I noticed on some sites a technique to fake the facebook widget. 

Write your code with the best PHP code generator

In todays world, the focus is on efficiency. If you are not efficient and you need a lot of time to write basic code, you will not have enough time to think above the lines of code. A programmer may end up writing a lot of lines of code to do simple things. A good […]

Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

If you read some of my older posts you can clearly see that I encourage freelancing and an independent lifestyle. I didn’t changed my mind. I still believe that freelancing is better than having a full time jobs, but as any other thing on the earth, it has downsides too. I think it is fair […]

Almost 20,000 plugins in wordpress plugin directory

WordPress is getting more and more popular every day. The true power of wordpress don’t stand in the coding style, database or the feel of the administration panel. It stands in what you can do with wordpress and how fast you can do it. Here comes the community: plugins and documentation. Without proper documentation and […]