In todays world, the focus is on efficiency. If you are not efficient and you need a lot of time to write basic code, you will not have enough time to think above the lines of code. A programmer may end up writing a lot of lines of code to do simple things. A good way is to use a framework that will help you to write less code that do more, but this is not always an option because you are often required to build something from scratch, or to edit something that is already done. The solution for you is to use a php code generator

Freelancing is helping businesses to move where the work force is cheap. You can’t compete with someone who can program a full month for 500$. In USA, you can barely live with that money. In India, with that amount of money you can live a year. You can compete only if you are more efficient and focused than others. But don’t worry, I have the solution for you.

With PHP Runner you can save time writing php code, you can improve the functionality of your website, create database driven forms in seconds. You can practically build a simple website in only 15 minutes, in the way you want it.

Maybe you were used to use the same text editor to do many things: simple text, php programming, mysql programming, java programming. The programming evolves and the same text editor that will do it all is not the best way anymore. You need specific text editor and generator for any programming language you are working with. Why to edit your text in a general text editor when you can have a dedicated php text editor ?

Here is a sample generated website build with PHP Runner:

And this is how the editor looks:

You have to click on the images to enlarge. As you can see in the second image, PHP Runner supports having the header, the footer and other elements on different pages.

You can learn more about PHP Runner here.