Few days ago the WordPress 3.1 beta was announced. Among the many features that comes with the new version, mainly improvements of current features that were considered poor, such as: themes search, visual editor, user admin, etc.

The feature that sound most interesting is Internal linking feature.

With the new version WordPress will provide by default a way to easy link to other internal articles, without having to open your page in a new page and search for posts you want to link to. When a new post is added the author can search trough existing articles and to directly link to them.

It is a really nice feature that will save a lot of our work. Additionally, a button to generate the shortlink code for every post is available.

Here it is how the new WordPress link button works:

We all know how important internal linkin is, but while it is time consuming we often skip this important step in terms of SEO. Many people complained that wordpress is not that good for seo, I’m waiting to see what they think now when they can easy use this feature.