Childs mini plastic chalkboard with ABC written.

Looking for a way to learn wordpress fast ? Here you go. Learning with videos is easy as you can see exactly how to do things.

Few months ago i created a comprehensive video course about wordpress. It contains everything you want to know from creating the database on your webhosting to theme editing.

The course is posted to Udemy and contains the following lessons:

  1. How to build a website with WordPress CMS: Domain and Hosting set-up, WordPress installation and basic configuration
  2. How to build your website with WordPress CMS: Templates, Extensions and customization
  3. WordPress website: How to show different things on the sidebar of every page of your blog.
  4. How to use the WordPress advanced text editor
  5. How to get support from wordpress forums

You can view the course here.It requires login but you can connect with your facebook account.