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How can a mailing list help your business or website ? How hard is to build mailing list ? How much i will earn from a mailing list ? Let’s try to answer to these question.

First of all you must think that your visitors are not robots, they are humans. They need a reason to do something. You can’t just pop-up the flash banner asking them to enter their e-mail. They won’t.

You have to provide something valuable, you have to provide good content. If you do they will want to read more from you, they will subscribe to your rss feed, they will follow you on twitter. They want to keep in touch with you, with your content. Some of them will be satisfied only to like your fan page on facebook, or just to follow you on twitter, but what if you tell them that some content you write is available only on your newsletter ? They will sign up if they like your content.

If your content suck then no likes, no follows and no subscribers. I answered to the second question: “How hard is to build a mailing list”. It depends on what you do: provide great stuff and it is piece of cake.

As i said, people want to be in touch with you. Every visitor have some preffered method to be in touch with a blog: facebook, twitter, e-mail. While they can subscribe to get your articles in their inbox it is not enough for you. They can be loyal readers but you need more. If you have a mailing list you can be closer to them than with any other method. You can suggest them to do something to help you and they will listen. You have to approach them personally and they will do whatever you want.

A mailing list can help your business in many ways. Remember that they are your fans and they will do almost anything for you. The difference from simple fans and fans from mailing list is that you can talk with them  when you want, and you can send a message only for them, a message that they will read instantly.

If you think at how much money you will make from a mailing list before you start is a bad idea. The goal is to keep your fans ( and enemies ) closer, so you can tell them something that others can’t see. A mailing list will help the growth of your business.

So, how to build a mailing list ? Sending lots of emails can be tough, you know all the thing with spam, it is ugly. Some people will consider you a spammer and that is bad. If you send the e-mails from your own server you may end up in e-mail provider blacklist.

You need someone to do the dirty job for you. Remember, it is not spam, but if you don’t do it properly it may be considered. There are services that provide the management of mailing list. They take care of subscribers, they send emails, and the fees are not high. You can find services with different prices, but if you as me, i reccomend Aweber.

Expertise of aweber are mailing lists. Practically they do a lot of things for you: they manage your mailing list so no coding is required to capture e-mails. They send confirmation e-mails so you can be sure that no random emails are introduced in the boxes. They send e-mails for you and most important, they know how to deliver properly.

But the best of aweber is that they provide you with many tools to help building a mailing list. Some of the best performing tools are to pop-under bar that appears to your visitors.  A small bar that appears at the bottom of the screen telling your visitors that they can get more great content from you if they subscribe to your mailing list.

Another great tools is the pop-up box that can highly increase your subscribe rate. It is fully customizable and you can set it to show the second or third time a visitor views one of your pages.

What you have to do is to go to aweber and sign-up.