photo of a measuring tape a over white background

We are very fortunate that wordpress tell us as how long is the article ( in words ) as we type. Sometimes this can change our mood. After you worked hard to write the article, you look at the word counter and see 200 words it can be frustrating. On the other side, if you write very easy and at the end you see 700 or 1000 words you feel that you should write another article.

Well, your post value is not the number of words, it is the message that you deliver. Can your article catch attention to your visitors ? Does your article provide enough information ?

Use images in posts

How can you give more value to your article but write less and prevent your readers getting bored ? An image values 1000 words. Very true, use images in your posts to help your readers to understand at a first sight what the article is about. Use descriptive headlines so visitors can understand the basics just by reading the headlines. It you don’t catch the visitor at this point he will not read and all your words will be useless.

Use videos in posts

A video is a succession of images, an averages of 27 for every second. A 2 minutes video have about 3,000 images, which means 3,000,000 words. Well, the real value is not that high. If we go more technically, some images are repeating and others don’t show only few things different than the previous image, so you will end up with having only about a dozen of complete images per 2 minute video, which is still about 12,000 words.

When you have again concentration and motivation problems due to article word count think about images and videos.