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3 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

For better or worse, as a society we’ve become less patient as we become more technologically advanced. There was a time when the only way to get online was with a 14.4 kbs modem. You would hear that funny, staticky beepy noise and wait as your dial-up connection was established with an ISP. Then, you […]

How to find the best web hosting for your business

The web hosting is very important for you online business, choosing the wrong hosting can have a huge impact in your income. Few months back, Google changed the algorithm ┬áto put more value to the website loading speed, so choosing a web hosting company that offers you slow loading speed for you website can make […]

Are you paying too much for your hosting ?

If you are starting a new website or if you want to take an existing website to the next level, the hosting is an important problem. The costs associated with hosting if you want to start a website can make you think twice if it is the right thing to do, because you have to […]