The web hosting is very important for you online business, choosing the wrong hosting can have a huge impact in your income. Few months back, Google changed the algorithm  to put more value to the website loading speed, so choosing a web hosting company that offers you slow loading speed for you website can make you lose valuable visitors.

I can guess what you want: “The fastest and cheapest web hosting”. That is almost impossible. If a web hosting company provides a good bandwidth so your website will load fast even when a lot of users are trying to view the website simultaneously, it will charge a lot more and it can’t be considered “cheapest”. You have to find a good balance between speed and cost, depending on what you want for your business.

Price, Speed and Support are the most important factors of a web hosting company. While you can see the price, the speed can only be found upon testing. There can be a way to try it for 1 month and see how fast it’s loading, but the best way is to read others web hosting reviews so you can make a better idea of what you should expect for each hosting company.

Most web hosting companies have their own secrets that they don’t want you to discover. For example, a company can offer you a way too cheap deal ( 2$ a month ), but there is a great chance that your website will be hosted on the same server with another few thousands of websites and your speed will be too low. You can learn about those secrets reading Web Hosting Reviews.

In my opinion a very good web hosting is provided by hostgator ( where this blog is hosted ). The truth is that they are not so cheap, but I value my business and I don’t mind if I pay more for a good service. The speed is decent and the support is great, they provide live support and they fix issues immediately when they are reported. Here is a detailed Hostgator Review.

If you are just starting out or you want just to make a website to post your thoughts from time to time, and you don’t expect to earn money very soon, or it is more for fun or testing, one of the cheapest web hosting company is  iPage. You can read here a complete iPage Review.