If you are starting a new website or if you want to take an existing website to the next level, the hosting is an important problem. The costs associated with hosting if you want to start a website can make you think twice if it is the right thing to do, because you have to pay the hosting monthly but you will expect to generate some revenue in a year maybe.

If you have an established website then you probably are on a shared server but your site loads slow because the server it is overloaded. It is time to change to a VPS or a dedicated server but the costs associated are high.

The costs of the hosting are very important, and finding an affordable web hosting is the right thing to do if you want to not lose a lot of money.  I don’t say that you should not pay the money you need for your website, but did you know that you can pay 15$ or 3$/month for the same thing ? The most important thing is how many websites are hosted on the same machine, this will cause a overload and your website will start to load slowly. A higher price don’t mean that there are fewer websites hosted on the same server, because the hardware is not the only expediture of a web hosting company.

A well known hosting company will take you more money to pay for advertising so they can get more clients. There are companies where the advertising budgets are very high that they need to host 3000+ websites on the same server, while they ask for 10$/month.

The speed is also important for search engines right now. In a recent algorithm update Google pays more value to websites that are loading faster to encourage webmasters to take the best hosting and to provide the content faster. Nowadays it is not enough to host the website anywhere, you have to take care of the speed too.

There are webmasters that pay few hundred dollars for dedicated servers so they can get the maximum speed and it the web hosting company tries to charge with 5 percent more, there are a lot of money involved and the price becomes more important.

The price, speed, space are all important when choosing a web hosting. While you can clearly see the prices and all other features associated with a web hosting account, you can’t be sure which is the actual loading speed. This means you need to read some reviews about each hosting company.

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