Today, directory submission is considered a bad thing, a black hat SEO technique. While I can agree that there are millions of web directories that provide no value to your website, there are still good web directories. Which are they ? Well, most of them are the ones where the moderators take care of the listings, manually approve the websites submitted, work to attract links to the directory, and most important: they REJECT all the links that comes through automatic directory submission.

So, if you want to have good results from submitting your website to good directories you have to do it manual. I know it is time consuming and this is why the best option for you is to buy a manual directory submission service. Be careful, there are people on forums that try to sell you manual directory submission but they will do automatic or semi-automatic.

A good manual directory submission service is provided by Directory Maximizer. They care for the submission quality and they will analyze every directory where they submit your link to so you can be assured that the link you get will provide you good seo value. They maintain a list of good web directories, and they can submit your website only to directories related to your niche or to all directories. Because every directory guidelines are respected, the approval rate is very high. You can choose to submit your website to a selected number of directories over a period of time, for example you can have your website submitted to 1000 quality directories over a period of 1 year.

The minimum order price for manual submissions at Directory Maximizer starts from 5$. The price is as low as 0.14$ for a manual directory submission. It is true that you can do it for yourself, but it will cost you much more, because they know which directories are alive and appropriate for your content and which ones give you the most link quality. They can also provide niche directory submission on quality directories.

Some of the Key features or benefits of Directory Maximizer:

  • Regularly updated directory list
  • E-mail handling service, where they handle mails from directories and send you a┬ásummarized report. This saves a lot of your time going through the mails from each directory.
  • They also offer guaranteed links from High PR premium directories at highly discounted prices.
  • Option to spread out directory submissions across 5 weeks without any extra charges
  • Live online reports to check the progress of your order
  • A great customer support team

Directory Maximizer services are different than any other because their main focus is quality. Unlike other services where the main focus is quantity.