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Affilorama: a great affiliate marketing community

Affilorama is one of the oldest and greatest affiliate marketing community, and it is free to join. There are tons of videos that helps you to learn affiliate marketing, and a great community where you will find fellow affiliate marketers eager to help you. Affilorama was founded 13 years ago by Mark Ling. During this […]

How to maximize your Affiliate revenue

If you are in Internet Marketing for some time, you know that you can make more money from your website with affiliate links rather than displaying ads. Ads are very easy to set-up, you just place the ad codes in hot areas of your site and then you just keep checking the earnings. Placing affiliate […]

Why I Won’t Build my Projects as WordPress Plugins Anymore

From 2007 I am building my websites on wordpress. WordPress is the best content management system around and whenever I have a client with a non-wordpress site I suggest him to move to wordpress. WordPress is customizable and you can basically do whatever you want. There are many plugins available that will let you to […]

What to do when affiliate links stop working

Promoting products where you earn a comission when someone buy the product is a great business. It is called affiliate marketing and there are a lot of people that generate full time income trough this ( count myself too ). In theory, it is very simple: pop up some posts promoting products, add sidebar links […]

Earn More Money from Affiliate Marketing

I first published a website online in 2006. Since then, I am looking for ways to promote my website and ways to monetize it. During this journey I have build several established websites and I have tested many methods to generate revenue from the traffic I was receiving. At the begining, contextual ads seemed to […]

Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO has been released

After a long period of deveoping and testing, Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO is finally here. The plugin will help any blog or website owner to generate more income trough affiliate links. It will automatically get affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale or any other custom affiliate network and intelligently add them trough the content. […]

Wp Auto Affiliate Links 2.3

With Wp Auto Affiliate links you can automatically add links in your content. Version 2.3.1 was recently released. The new version have the feature to cloack links. You can select if you want to use cloacked links or not. There were many changes in the past months and the plugin reached 10,000 downloads from the […]

WP Auto Affiliate Links version 2.0

Last few days I’ve been busy working on a new version of the popular pligin WP Auto Affiliate Links . The latest version ( 2.1 ) is available for download on the wordpress plugin directory. The purpose of the plugin is to automatically add affiliate links that you specify on all your articles, on keywords […]

Auto add affiliate links to your website

I currently run several websites and also help some friends to run theirs. Most of the websites I run are content based: articles and stories on certain topics, mainly about computers. Content websites are simply to maintain, they don’t require too advanced skills but they still take a lot of time. When it comes to […]

Two Clever Amazon Plugins for WordPress

One of the most versatile ways to insert Amazon affiliate ads into your WordPress site content is by using an Amazon plugin — but only a few plugins distinguish themselves by being really clever in the way they help you show those Amazon ads. My two favorite Amazon WordPress plugins are: WordPress-Amazon-Associate (WAA, for short) […]