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When you are busy, time seems to go faster. When you are getting bored time goes slowly.

It happened to me many times when time went like a flash but when looking back there were a lot of things accomplished. And i was happy because i liked what i’ve done.

On the other side, doing repetitive tasks seems so frustrating, time seems to go so  slow, and i wanted the time to really go faster. That happened when i was not the one who decided on my time. For example in school: i had to do things that other told me that i have to do. I hated school because i was not decided over my own life.

Things changed and now i can do whatever i want, i can decide over my own future, i can choose what to do and what not to do. Time seems to go much faster, but looking back i’ve done a lot of things and most important, i was happy.

But, there are some moments when i really think that i want to stop the time so every moment will be like this.

How about you ? The time is working for you or against you ?

Watch a nice video about time: