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Which is the faster way to learn WordPress ? Reading blogs, reading a forum ? Reading a book maybe ? Which is the best way then ?

Learning something don’t have a standart set of rules. You can learn something in various ways.  The way you choose may include several learning methods: blogs, forums, books, etc.

Blog posts are learning resources, but they only deal with an aspect of what you are trying to learn. You can learn directly from blogs but you may miss the starting point and it will be hard to figure out things later.

Forums are usually usefull when you know the stuff but want to learn from other experiences or you just stuck somewhere and you need quick help.

The best way to learn, that works wonderful for me, is practicing. When i want to learn something i start to do it. Then i figure out what i need to know about any part involved in my experiment. This is learning.

The problem is when you don’t know where to start. That’s the problem, and at this point, a huge “how to start” tutorial is the best.

A book is  a collection of tutorials put in a specific order so the learning process will flow very nice. At every step you get the right “tutorial”.

Well, my book is still in development, but there is a book that really can tell you where to start from and it is perfect to learn wordpress. The book is called WordPress for Dummies, it is written by Lisa-Sabin Wilson and you can get it from here.

Reading a book can save you a lot of time searching for pieces of information thrown around the web. The problem when you learn from articles that you search for is that you may miss important info and get mislead by some bad article just because you have no clue what you should read about.