Two gold plated wooden picture frames isolated...

An image worth one thousand words. I like to add a descriptive image to every post i write. In this way i help my user to understand better what the post is about.

While a good image is one that you create yourself to describe perfectly what the post is about, in most cases you just want to get an image already done.

This saves a lot of time, creating images is not easy. News websites are adding real photos to their articles, which shows the person or the place that describe the news item. But recently i’ve seen more and more news items on news sites with stock photos. Why ? Because they describe better what the article is about.

Most of my posts are “howtos” so using photos taken by me is not enough, i need something created for this. Stock images websites are a good place to look for, but i have a faster solution. I use a plugin called “freebie images” that shows up in my administration panel at “Add new post” page.

In this way i can quickly add an image to every article i write with not much troubles. I have to type the query to search for and then i select the image. In almost all cases i find what i need, despite there are posts where i create the image myself.