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First thing that you do after you install WordPress is to search for a suitable and good looking template to use on your website.

Most of the time people look to get them from the WordPress theme directory. Although you can find great themes into official directory, you will have a hard time  to search. One reason is because most of them are very light, only one color, no styling, someone just wanted to learn how to make a wordpress theme and uploaded it.

People who spend a lot of time making good looking and full featured wordpress themes want to take some credit. Some of them are making them paid, others just want to promote their developer website or another website they have. Well, this is against WordPress directory rules and they will never get approved, so you have to search for them over the web.

The searching part is difficult, but there are websites that do the hard work for you and you can see all the good ones in a big list. Here are top 7 websites that saves you a lot of time searching.

  1. WordPress Theme Base They have about 1000 free wordpress themes posted on their websites, spidered from the web.
  2. Free WordPress Themes While they have much more themes available to preview and download, finding a good one there is more difficult as they are too many posted.
  3. Themes 2 WP The number of themes here is much smaller than others, but you can be sure that they are high quality. If you go to their website, you don’t have to see more than 10 themes to select one. This is a real time saver, they filtered the themes for you.
  4. WP Rex Here you can find a good collection of themes. They are selected based on their complexity, so if you want a full website, here you will find what you need.
  5. SkinPress The templates listed here are focused on blogs and content. So you won’t find complex themes but if you are looking only for a blog, this should be the first place to search.
  6. Free WP Theme Site If you’re looking to make a topical site, e.g.: fashion website, furniture website, here you can find a template for every topic you want. The themes found here are not designed to work for everything, instead they are designed to be the perfect choice for something specific.
  7. Wicked WordPress Themes Here you will find good themes all with advanced capabilities, themes designed to work with store websites, classified ads, and much more.

If you are unsure what to look at when you’re choosing the theme just write a comment with what you want to build and we will help you.