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Codelobster PHP Editor to Build Great Web Applications

As all web developers know, you can create a page by creating a new file on your desktop, write some code using notepad and then open it in a browser. To add some programming to that page you need PHP and a server to run it ( wamp ), but you can still edit the […]

I wish to a perfect WordPress

I am happy with wordpress, i can do whatever i want, despite i still do many things from the code. Working with the code is not a problem for me, but it is for my clients. I tested wordpress advanced templates, theme frameworks or plugins to enhance wordpress usability, but the results are still far […]

How to use Google Website Optimizer on WordPress

I can easily notice that people start to use wordpress often and often not just to add the blog functionality to their websites. They want to easy manage the content and they see wordpress as ¬†a good content management system. It is very easy to make a presentation site in wordpress, few things to change, […]

How to use firebug to improve your bog design

In this video i will show you how to use firebug to improve the proccess of design editing. The most important feature of firebug is that you can change things and see the results immediately. The design is mostly about experiments, you make it and the you take a look. If you like it you […]

How to easy modify template files in wordpress

You installed wordpress, found a great theme, installed some plugins but you want to personalize the look of your blog. You need to change the copyright text, you want to add a custom header image, you want to make the post titles smaller or other changes. To do that the best way is to quick […]

Full control wordpress editor with tinyMCE advanced plugin

In the last few weeks i was looking for ways to make wordpress editor better. The main problem that i was to be solved was to stop wordpress editor to auto remove <p> or <br> html tags that i enter trough the HTML editor. The other aspect was the posibility to be able to work […]

How to directly edit WordPress themes

There are a lot of things that can be changed in WordPress from the administration panel: themes, plugins, content, links, widgets to appear on sidebar, and so on. ¬†Wordpress has also the options to edit plugins and themes directly, by editing the template or plugin files. But this feature is probably used very rarely because […]

Are you happy with actual wordpress default RTE editor ?

The wordpress editor is good. You have basic things that you use 99% of times, you can upload images, embed media, almost everything. It is probably the best i have ever used. Well, but i’m still unhappy with it, why ? Because it auto format the text and removes any <br> or empty divs from […]

Enhance your wordpress writing with Editor Extender plugin

Today i want to talk about an option to extend features of current wordpress RTE editor. We all like RTE editor, but some of us will want something better, for example tables, or other features that the current editor does not have. I found Editor Extender and i will give it a test and a […]

Built-in wordpress RTE editor don’t recognize wordpress

This is not a technical issue, it is a funny one. If you write an article about wordpress on a wordpress based blog you will see that when you run spell checker, al words “wordpress” will be marked as errors. Who matters ? Well, i think this is not a problem for wordpress but it […]