businessmen wishing to have a computer instead...

I am happy with wordpress, i can do whatever i want, despite i still do many things from the code. Working with the code is not a problem for me, but it is for my clients.

I tested wordpress advanced templates, theme frameworks or plugins to enhance wordpress usability, but the results are still far from perfection.

I don’t need the complicated things that theme frameworks offer to me. I want simple things.

1. Menu management

As i heard, this feature is under development for Wordperess 3.0. It is a simple thing but a good one. You can’t have a good CMS without altering the menu. It is a must to have hidden pages and it is a pain to edit a template file when you want to do such a minor change.

2. Better seo integration.

I don’t want fancy stuff or SEO to be done by itself, but i want to be able to set custom title and meta tags.

3. Selective Widgets

I like how widgets work, but sometimes i don’t want them to show on all pages. This will be a huge improvement to wordpress if you can select pages the widget will show on. I know there is a plugin that does that but sometimes i feel more confortable to do it from code rather than with a plugin.

4. Adding PHP code into widgets

I like the Text/HTML widget, it allows me to add stuff to the sidebar. But the problem is that i cannot add PHP. If i use a plugin that don’t use a widget i have to add the code by myself. I would like to have a PHP widget so the code that i enter there will be executed as PHP. I would like to have the option to add PHP code into wordpress rte editor.

I understand that there are security issues with all these, but it can be done.