The wordpress editor is good. You have basic things that you use 99% of times, you can upload images, embed media, almost everything. It is probably the best i have ever used.

Well, but i’m still unhappy with it, why ? Because it auto format the text and removes any <br> or empty divs from the source code. It won’t let me use neither &nbsp; If a div or paragraph has only the tab character &nbsp; it will be deleted. I don’t use this very often, maybe once a month or so, but when i do i’m really unhappy that my code gets deleted from the editor.

One thing is sure, i have to work my way around this. I’ve made some research and here is what i got.

The easiest way but the one i should stay away is to disable the WYSIWYG editor when editing specific pages, but this should add another pain to me.

The best option is to make some changes in the way the editor format the html. There are some plugins i can use to make this happen and i can say i’m very happy about this.

1. WP Allow Tags plugin

2. Disable wp-autop

Now i am really happy, this is why i love wordpress, it is customizable. I dislike to take things in the way that others want me to do.