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I can easily notice that people start to use wordpress often and often not just to add the blog functionality to their websites. They want to easy manage the content and they see wordpress as  a good content management system.

It is very easy to make a presentation site in wordpress, few things to change, add the content and you’re done.

WordPress is simple, so simple sites can be made with wordpress.

An example of simple websites are websites that are selling something. A single page without links and other elements that may distract the readers attention. It easy to set-up and easy to change things.

As we talk about landing pages, we must talk about landing page optimization. To  optimize you have to change and test. The best technique to see what works better is split testing. Advanced split testing involve a software that first drives the same amount of traffic to each page involved into split test, but it will change the values as the results are tracked, so the page that converts better will receive most traffic while the others receive less and less until income is maximized.

Google website optimizer can do this. It is simple to set-up. First of all you have to create 2 pages, with the same content except the things you want to test, for example headline or an image.

You should also create a thank you page, the page where conversions are tracked.

Go to Google website optimizer. You must have a google account. Click on “Create new Experiment” and choose A/B experiment. Enter the pages you created and the url for the conversion page ( Thank you  page ).

On the next page select the second radio box, that you will install the code. At this step you will receive instructions on how to add the code to the pages. You have to install code in each page. The page where you will point your traffic is the original page, the script will divert the traffic to the other page in the split test.

Validate pages and you’re done.