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How to add widgets to your theme without hiding the current ones

If you just got a new theme, free or premium and you want to add some widgets to your sidebar the following problem will occur: Whenever you add a widget from your admin panel, the current widgets will disappear. This is happening because theme sidebars are coded in that way to let you choose what […]

The new WordPress 3.0

The final version of WordPress 3.0 was not released yet, but the release candidate version version number 3 is available, this means not much will change only some bug fixes if there are any. I tested the Beta Version few weeks ago, sharing my first thougths on wordpress 3, but today i started to implement […]

Customize your sidebar: show different things on sidebar

An important aspect for a blog or website is the sidebar. The sidebar is the one who shows the most important links, featured posts, banners, funny stuff, facebook widgets, follow me icon, and many other. WordPress currently have a good sidebar management. You just drag and drop things into it. You install a plugi and […]

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

Last week i had a client who liked a child theme for genesis, provided by studiopress and i had to work with genesis theme framework. Now i want to share with you how it was to work with genesis and where is good at. My first impression was that it was somewhat built for wordpress […]

Add author box to your blog to tell your visitors who you are

If ¬†you are the only one who post on your blog it is still good to have an about author box somewhere. People will consider your articles more valuable if they know who wrote them ? This is happening because they want something to see to consider it worth reading. There are so many spam […]

Use tags to enhance your blog usability

I’ve seen many people that ignore tags on blogs. Tags are used to describe what the post or page is about. WordPress creates a page for every tag you use, when an user goes to a tag page he will see all articles that contain that tag. It is something like keywords. Even if you […]

Plugin: Easily navigate pages on dashboard

I have a passion to browse trough wordpress plugins and see what everyone does. I am amazed by how many things you can do with wordpress by installing plugins. It is almost full customizable, you can change it in exact the way you want. Everything stands in the right plugins, and you can change wordpress […]

How to add polls anywhere to your blog or website

Having poll on your websites is a good way to keep your visitors a little more focused. People like to vote, like to interact with the website, want to know what others are thinking. They like to comment and read other’s comments. I will explain you how easy is to add as many polls as […]

Enhance your wordpress writing with Editor Extender plugin

Today i want to talk about an option to extend features of current wordpress RTE editor. We all like RTE editor, but some of us will want something better, for example tables, or other features that the current editor does not have. I found Editor Extender and i will give it a test and a […]

Video tutorial to quick install and configure wordpress

This is a video with a wordpress installation, configuration. It includes theme installation, plugin installation and working with sidebar widgets. It is 12 minutes long and covers database, subdomain and ftp creation trough cpanel. Basically it is a video version on my tutorial: “How to quick install wordpress as a CMS“, but it does not […]