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The final version of WordPress 3.0 was not released yet, but the release candidate version version number 3 is available, this means not much will change only some bug fixes if there are any.

I tested the Beta Version few weeks ago, sharing my first thougths on wordpress 3, but today i started to implement WordPress 3 in websites i make, and i will share my second thoughts with you.

I will start installing WordPress for a new website and i will write things here exactly in the order i complete them to every new wordpress website.

The installation is almost the same with the difference that now you can set your  desired admin username and you can choose your password. I miss the password generator.

First thing i do after install is to go trough WordPress settings. First thing i can notice is no more Miscellaneous settings. Except that, no more changes to Settings, everything looks the same as previous wordpress versions.

Now the Theme Setup. Altough the theme developers can test their themes with the new version for some time, i will try to use an older theme as the tested ones are so few and i always want to have a wide selection pool so i can make the best choice. The appearance section of WordPress Admin Panels now have Menu and Header management links. It is clear that some work have been done on the Theme management, now we have the “Install  Themes” page where we can upload or directly download new themes from wordpress.org.

The test: Is the old theme working on the new WordPress ? The theme is installed, it works but the Background and Header links disappeared. WordPress noticed that the theme is not set to allow the background and header to be  changed. The Menu link is still there, i can configure the menu but it is not native supported so i have to add the Menu trough a widget. The widgets work exactly the same as in WordPress 2.9.2.

Now let’s add some plugins.  For my disappointment, the plugin management section is exactly the same as before, no change. What should i conclude from this ? The plugin management was so great that there is nothing to improve ? I hope so.

The other areas: posts, pages, links, media, comments and users got no changes. Except the theme handling that a lot will be pleased there is no other major change in the new WordPress. In my opinion, too small changes to change the prefix of the WordPress version but frankly, WordPress was great, almost perfect even before this update, so it is very hard to change things to something so close to perfection, but this should not put a breake to the wordpress progression and i’m sure that the guys working on this will find the right paths.

If you want to give it a try before he turn official you can download it from here.

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