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An important aspect for a blog or website is the sidebar. The sidebar is the one who shows the most important links, featured posts, banners, funny stuff, facebook widgets, follow me icon, and many other.

WordPress currently have a good sidebar management. You just drag and drop things into it. You install a plugi and then you drag and drop the widget you want.

But that’s not all. What if you want to show something only on some pages, or something you don’t want to show on specific pages. We hope that this will be default in wordpress 3.0, but for now you can use a plugin to do that. The plugin is called Display Widgets. It’s functionality is very simple: when you add a widget you get options to select the pages where you display that widget or not.

You can select wither to check the pages where you want to display the widget, or select the pages where you don’t want to display that widget. This change is made trough a simple selector “Hide on checked” and “Show on checked”.

You can go here and download the plugin or you can use the wordpress “Add new” plugin build-in feature.