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How to quick backup wordpress website

The greatest fear of webmasters, along the fear with being kicked out from google, is that you lose you website. If you lose 1 article or some work you won’t mind, but if you lose everything it is a great problem. It can be the end. Better safe than sorry. There are small chances that […]

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

Last week i had a client who liked a child theme for genesis, provided by studiopress and i had to work with genesis theme framework. Now i want to share with you how it was to work with genesis and where is good at. My first impression was that it was somewhat built for wordpress […]

Upgrade all plugins at once using the Upgrade tool

When a plugin that you installed has an upgrade available, wordpress will notice you by adding a red small circle near the Plugins admin menu item. When you browse installed plugins you will see a link to upgrade under each plugin that has an upgrade available. If you go away for a week, to holiday […]

WordPress guide: admin panel explained

The wordpress CMS is the best user friendly content management system around here. You can get your website up and running in 15 minutes with wordpress. The wordpress administration panel is very easy to understand, but there are people that still having some problems using it. After wordpress installation, if you want to maximize the […]

Video tutorial to quick install and configure wordpress

This is a video with a wordpress installation, configuration. It includes theme installation, plugin installation and working with sidebar widgets. It is 12 minutes long and covers database, subdomain and ftp creation trough cpanel. Basically it is a video version on my tutorial: “How to quick install wordpress as a CMS“, but it does not […]

Improve your WordPress CMS with right plugins

If you use Wordpress platform as a CMS for your website or your blog you are probably very satisfied of the speed and simplicity that you get.

Well i will post a list with some administration plugins that will make your wordpress experience even better than it is.