Having poll on your websites is a good way to keep your visitors a little more focused. People like to vote, like to interact with the website, want to know what others are thinking. They like to comment and read other’s comments.

I will explain you how easy is to add as many polls as you want, anywhere you want using Wp-polls wordpress plugins.

Download the plugin.  Install and activate it. You will see that a separate menu link category will appear in the left bottom of your administration panel.

Start by adding a new poll. You can add different options like start and expiration date, number of options, multiple choises.

Now you have the poll created, now you can add it in different locations.

Add the poll created into a blog post or a page trough wordpress RTE editor

Probably this is why you are looking for. You write a post and want your readers opinion. First of all you need to know the ID of the poll you are adding, go to Manage polls, and click “Edit” to the poll you want to add. Look at the address bar for the URL of the edit page and the last thing there will be a number, that’s your poll ID.

In the locaiton of the article where you want to show the post, add:

where 2 is your poll id.

Add a poll in your sidebar or somewhere else on your blog

If you want to add a poll into sidebar, go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the Polls widget to the sidebar you want. You have options there to show a specific poll or the last one.

If you want to add it directly into a template file, open the template file and post the following code in the place you want to show a specific poll: <?php get_poll(2);?> , where 2 is your poll number.

If you want to show the latest post, use <?php get_poll();?> without any number.

If you want to show a random poll use: <?php get_poll(-2);?> .

[poll id=”3“]